1 hour Custom video with audio made just for you!

This can be a paragraph including your name or your favourite trigger. 

Let me know your fave objects or interactions.

Crunchy sounds?

Like smiling?


face touching?

A few paragraphs of a story read to you?

Let me know and I will do my best to accomidate to your triggers.


Green screen or no Green screen?

Let me know if you would like a themed or patterend background fo your video.


MP4 File will be sent to your email.

Please read disclaimer / T&C below

*no sexual roleplay, Religion, politics or brand endorsement, this clip can not be used commercially, I reserve the right to refuse if its something I am not comfortable with.

Please read legal disclaimer below

1 Hour personalised ASMR video


    PURCHASER must be 18 years or older. The purchaser agrees to the following statements when purchasing this product. Do not purchase if you do not agree with the statements below. By purchasing this product you agree that you have read, understand, and agree to the following statements. 


    The following is an agreement between Ruby True., (henceforth referred to as “Artist”), and the Undersigned Party (henceforth referred to as “Client”), wherein Client desires to hire and commission Artist to record a video.

    Scope of Work
    Client is commissioning Artist to create a personalized and private Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) video, the format, style, price and method of payment for which have been worked out between Artist and Client orally or in writing outside of this Agreement.

    Client understands and agrees that Artist reserves common-law copyright to all works commissioned by Client that are created, in whole or in part, by Artist. Client understands and agrees Artist shall retain all reproduction rights of the commissioned work and that Client may never reproduce, publish, sell, distribute, stream, or publicly share any work commissioned by Client. All work commissioned by Client is for Client’s personal use only.

    Liquidated Damages
    Client understands and agrees that should Client reproduce, publish, sell, distribute, stream, or publicly share Artist’s commissioned work, Artist will have suffered damages of at least $1,000 USD, in addition to any real damages suffered (for example, any and all profit Client makes from republishing the commissioned work.)

    Non-refundable / As-is
    Client understands and agrees that the commissioned work is non-refundable. Client agrees to receive the final commissioned work on an “as-is”, “where-is”, “with all faults” basis. Artist hereby expressly disclaims any and all implied warranties concerning the condition or quality of the commissioned work.

    Both parties agree that if any word, phrase, sentence or section of this contract is to be deemed legally void, the void language will be stricken from the contract, and the contract will be interpreted with the rest of the valid language intact.

    © Unpublished work Copyright 2018 RubyTrue All rights reserved.

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