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Ruby True is a creative content creator focusing on wellness and creativity. She has a love for sound Therapy and the creative arts.

through her Relaxing Sound Baths, body art and ASMR.

In the past Ruby has been hired to create characters from video games with her bodypainting skills and creativity in ASMR.


Ruby had previously trained as a Yoga Teacher, Thai massage therapist and is now studying sound therapy.


Ruby’s content is all about making her audience feel good, with meditation sessions through singing bowls, creative ASMR and bodypainting. 


Ruby has had many opportunities to talk on the benefits of sound therapy, ASMR and in general about Twitch as a platform on behalf of Amazon. She has officially represented Twitch in industry talks to companies such as the BBC, Cadburys, and even been featured on vice.com. Ruby is an innovator in her field on Twitch being one of the first and only sound bath streams on the platform.


She is one of the highest live CCV Beauty and Body art streamers from 2020 and one of the first ASMR streamers on Twitch.


Constantly learning, growing and creating as a content creator in an ever-changing digital world. Striving to bring more peace and happiness to the world. Often selected by Twitch to be featured on the front page for events ammasing 959k views in October 2020.