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Guided Meditations, Mindful yoga Movement, Soundbaths, Breath Work, sharing, shadow work.p


Mindfulness Monthly Circle

✨Join the mindful circle.✨
Do you want to learn to meditate?
Connect with others?
Discover your authentic self?
Play and be free in a welcoming space of self discovery?

We will meet once a month for 2 hours via Zoom for a combination of these: 
🧘‍♀️Guided meditation
🎵Mini sound baths
💃 Mindful movement
🍃Breath Work
🌗 Shadow work journaling
🙏 Sharing 

Slowing down and reconnecting with our bodies in this fast paced world.

These sessions will be based in Yogic teachings covering different topics each month.

Booklets and worksheets supporting each session for the month.


1:1 Mentoring/coaching

Want to dive deeper in to your Yoga and wellness journey?

These 1:1 sessions will be for anyone in the Minfulness circle that want to work on anything on a more personal and deeper level outside of the group setting.




Weekly Yoga

A 1.5 hour group zoom yoga class ran every Monday 6 PM GMT
A gentle 1.5 hour Yoga class 
Suitable for all levels.
Bringing your body together with movement and breath.
Helping you feel more energised and balanced.

Yoga is for everyone.
This space is a non judgemental space to move and be on your mat.

What you will need
✨ Yoga Mat/ soft floor area 
( check you can walk up and down with arms out and your space is safe)
✨Cushion to sit on/support yourself
✨Comfortable clothing
✨Blanket or cardigan for shavasana ( the laying down relaxation bit)
✨Wireless headphones / good speakers 

If you have them but not mandatory:
Yoga blocks
Yoga belt (a robe belt works well)

The class will start with a warmup, through some sun salutations, Some more energetic asana sequences slowing down to and a guided shavasana.
Everyones mics will be muted in Zoom 
I would love you to have your camera on so I can help guide you and to bring a sense of community🙏 

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