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What is ASMR?

 Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response refers to a tingling sensation in response to audio or visual stimuli known as triggers; it is often felt in the skull, and frequently reported toward the base of the head and down the spine to the extremities.


Although the ASMR response is often closely associated with auditory stimuli, visual triggers such as painting, smoothing out a fleece blanket, or hand motions mimicking personal touch along a camera lens often produce an ASMR.

I like to think of it as a extra sense that we have always had but isn't awakened in all of us, sometimes people feeling ASMR response for the first time can find it confusing as some of the videos evoke feelings or emotions much like traditional sound therapy or yoga can.

I often use personal affirmations and mediative elements in my ASMR including singing bowls and tuning forks to give you a full sensory and well being experience. 

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I recommend wearing headphones and finding a nice relaxed spot where you can truly switch off and allow the sounds to relax you.

Also a lot of people use ASMR as background noise while working or gaming finding it keeps them calm and collected, many times people have said I help them get through their working day.

However works best for you I find just approaching with a open mind and heart is the best way, most ASMR artists are healers who just want to help people.

One of my personal favorite ASMR triggers (the name used for the sounds) is Plucking, this is a hand motion towards the camera, I find this almost instantly lifts any anxiety I am having. 

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